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To receive paid services at the clinic, you must provide an identification code. The phone number for CT scan appointments: +38(093) 249-78-21 for paid patients.

Dental department

Doctors of the dental department provide consultative, medical-diagnostic, aesthetic assistance to the adult population and children from 3 years of age. The dental department is equipped with modern dental units "A-dec" (USA) and "Shishkar" ("Takara Belmont" - Japan). The work uses filling materials of imported production: "Gradia direct" (Japan), Filtek Z 250 ("Kerr" -USA), "Vitremer" (Germany), "Fuji" (Japan), for diagnosis - intraoral video camera (Germany) , apexlocator, panoramic radiography. At a therapeutic dental appointment


  • treatment of dental caries and its complications (pulpitis, periodontitis) with the use of anesthesia and modern filling materials;
  • treatment of non-carious lesions of the teeth;
  • treatment of periodontal diseases;
  • treatment of diseases of the mucous membrane of the mouth, lips and tongue;
  • use of depot phoresis in dental treatment;
  • professional teeth cleaning with the use of ultrasonic scaling;
  • conducting ultrasonic periodontal therapy on the device "Vector";
  • aesthetic restoration of teeth with photopolymer materials.

The provision of outpatient surgical care includes:

  • simple and atypical tooth extraction;
  • excision of the "hood" with severe eruption of the tooth "Wisdom";
  • resection of the apex of the root;
  • cystectomy and cystotomy;
  • removal of exostoses of the alveolar process;
  • dissection of periosteal abscesses;
  • surgical methods of treatment of periodontal diseases;
  • natural restoration of aesthetics - implantation.

At the children's reception prevention of dental caries with the use of fissure sealants, treatment of dental caries and its complications with the use of modern filling materials.

Doctors of the department are constantly improving their professional skills by attending conferences, seminars, workshops held by Ukrainian and foreign representatives of clinics and institutes. For complex treatment in the conditions of physiotherapeutic department are carried out: electrophoresis, phonophoresis, UHF, laser therapy, hydromassage of gums, darsonvalization.


  • dentists of the highest qualification category;
  • surgeon-dentist of the highest qualification category;
  • implant surgeon;
  • periodontist;
  • pediatric dentist;
  • members of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine.

Head of the department: Makhinchuk Natalia Valeriyivna

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