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Certificate of narcologist

In our clinic you can get a certificate of narcologist (form 140 / o).

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1238 of November 6, 1997, a narcologist’s certificate is a mandatory document required for work in certain areas of employment, as well as for the purchase of certain categories of goods.

The certificate is valid throughout Ukraine and is required for the following professions:

  • employees of enterprises working with ethyl alcohol and precursors;
  • employees of pharmaceutical companies;
  • employees of medical institutions;
  • civil servants and employees of departments;
  • drivers and electricians;
  • and other.

A narcologist's certificate is also required if you own a firearm or want to obtain a driver's license.
You will find a more detailed list of professions in the text of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1238 of November 6, 1997.

How to prepare for a narcologist certificate?
There is no need for additional preparation for the reception. At the appointment, the doctor will examine the skin for traces of injections and check the patient's data in the database of the drug dispensary. These manipulations do not cause physical discomfort. Also, patients donate blood for the presence of derivatives of alcohol and drugs.

What documents are required to obtain a certificate of narcologist:

  • passport (original);
  • military ID or registration certificate (for men).
  • How long is a narcologist's certificate issued?
  • For one hour

What is the validity of the narcologist's certificate?

  • Certificate for civil service - 1 year.
  • Certificate for drivers - 2 years
  • Certificate for the use of firearms - 3 years.

We guarantee you a high professional level of service and documentation in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

The reception is conducted by narcologist Salko Roman Mykolayovych.

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