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Surgitron - radiowave surgery

Surgitron is a radiotherapy device that uses an atraumatic technique of soft tissue incision and coagulation without postoperative pain and tissue damage.

Carried out without pressure, minimizing mechanical and thermal damage, a minimum of pain.

The main advantages of this method:

minimal pain,
atraumatic incision,
minimal blood loss,
accelerated healing process of the postoperative wound,
sterilizing effect of radio waves,
practical absence of postoperative complications and high cosmetic effect.
In gynecology, it is used in diseases such as erosions and deformities of the cervix, cervicitis, hypertrophy, endometriosis, epithelial dysplasia and leukoplakia of the cervix, benign formations of the vagina, cervix and perianal area (condyloma, papilloma, nevi, polyps).

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