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Ultrasound hysterosalpingoscopy


According to statistics, about 35% of all cases of female infertility are caused by tubal factors.

Ultrasound hysterosalpingoscopy or hydrotubation is a more informative, safe, painless procedure.

The procedure is as follows: a disposable sterile thin catheter with a special inflating balloon (for fixation) is inserted into the cervix through the cervical canal.

Then a special solution (Echovist, saline or combined) is introduced through this catheter, which, passing through the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, allows you to make visible the internal structures.

Advantages of ultrasound diagnostics of uterine patency

* Speed ​​of carrying out

* Absence in hospitalization

* Complete safety for the patient

* Relative cheapness

* High accuracy

* The possibility of concomitant detection of disorders in the uterine cavity

Necessary tests before the hydrotubation procedure:

* Analysis of urogenital secretions (smear).

* Cytology (PAPP test)

* Analysis of sexually transmitted infections - chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis - by PCR

Preparation for the hydrotubing procedure:

* Treatment of inflammation of the lower urogenital tract.

* The presence of these tests.

* Hygienic toilet of the genitals.

40 minutes before the procedure taking antispasmodics (on the advice of a doctor).

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