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Weight body composition analyzers

In the consulting department, a gastroenterologist using the bioelectric method
impedance will determine your body composition, given the weight, height, age, sex, constitution
The whole procedure takes no more than 30 seconds. Using a harmless for
human health electric pulse scales-analyzers will determine the basic parameters
body weight (body mass index, body fat percentage, visceral fat level,
muscle mass, body type, bone mass, metabolic age, percentage of water in the body,
metabolism and the recommended daily calorie intake).
Analysis of the obtained data and systematic weighing under the supervision of a doctor
will help you to adapt individual dietary recommendations and exercise program under
You and achieve results faster.

In addition, 6 additional electrodes, which are equipped with scales-analyzers, increase
accuracy of measurements and allow for segmental analysis of body composition, namely
calculate the readings of the amount of fat and muscle mass for each "segment" of the body: arms, legs,
body. With it, you can find out exactly how your body responds to specific ones

Why monitor body composition?
- control the effect of dietary changes on body composition to make sure
the correctness of the chosen diet
- more accurately adjust the exercise program according to the results
monitoring of muscle mass and basal metabolism
- monitor the level of visceral fat, which is considered a risk factor for diabetes 2
type and / or heart failure
- set a goal to achieve a certain physical condition and control the results


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