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Advantages of using the laser coagulator "Surgeon"

Advantages of using the laser coagulator "Surgeon"

- low-trauma - accurate, strictly dosed exposure to laser radiation provides minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

- Reliable hemostasis - due to blood coagulation in the incision of tissues, laser surgery is almost bloodless, which provides an excellent overview of the operating field and comfort for the patient.

- Precision - high accuracy of laser influence allows to control a zone of damage.

- Sterility of the postoperative wound - laser radiation neutralizes pathogenic microorganisms, thus preventing the development of purulent complications.

- Painless - laser surgery is less painful for the patient than traditional interventions; sometimes anesthesia is not required or only application anesthesia is sufficient.

With the help of the laser "Surgeon" successfully removed:

- warts - papillomas - warts - contagious mollusk - keratomas - dermatofibroma - other neoplasms on any part of the skin

Before manipulation, if necessary, local anesthesia (analgesic injection) is performed.


Acute and chronic infectious diseases, especially skin;

Pregnancy and breastfeeding;

Patients who have not reached sexual maturity;

Malignant nature.

Rehabilitation period

Absent, because laser removal of tumors, including on the face, does not cause pain and discomfort. In addition, laser beams in the process of "burning" also coagulate blood vessels, preventing the development of bleeding.

Laser "Surgeon" has a sterilizing effect on the skin, affects only those cells that should be removed without leaving marks and scars. Laser intervention avoids heavy blood loss, edema and various complications. The healing and recovery process is very fast.

Duration and cost of the procedure in Kyiv

The duration of the procedure is from 10 to 30 minutes. The cost of the removal procedure usually depends on the number and size of tumors.

Removal of tumors by laser "Surgeon" - the most modern, fast and inexpensive method.

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