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Driver's certificate (form 083 / o)

Obtaining a medical certificate 083 / o is mandatory for the issuance of a driver's license: whether you are applying for a license for the first time or recover a lost document. It is also required when making changes to the driver's license, for example, when changing the name. Also the medical certificate of the driver is obligatory provided in case of road accident and at passing of MOT (technical inspection).

You can get a medical certificate for drivers in Kyiv, at the address: Pylyp Orlyk Street, building 18.

Validity of the certificate 083 / o
For drivers under the age of 55 - ten years. From 55 to 75 years - 3 years. After 75 years - 1 year. For those who are engaged in transportation, such a certificate is valid for one year.

What documents are required to obtain form 083 / o?

  • passport;
  • military ID, or registration certificate (for men);
  • two 3 x 4 photos;
  • certificates of narcologist and psychiatrist.

To obtain a driver's license you must be examined by the following specialists:

  • therapist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • neurologist;
  • surgeon;
  • otolaryngologist;
  • gynecologist (for women).

And also to obtain the form 083 / o will need the following examinations and tests:

  • blood test to determine the group and rhesus factor;
  • general blood test;
  • general analysis of urine;
  • blood test for glucose;
  • ECG,
  • fluorography;
  • examination of the vestibular apparatus;
  • and visual acuity examination.

You will be able to use our certificate anywhere in Ukraine, as they meet all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

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