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To receive paid services at the clinic, you must provide an identification code. The phone number for CT scan appointments: +38(093) 249-78-21 for paid patients.


Certificate of passing preliminary, periodic and extraordinary psychiatric examinations, including for the use of psychoactive substances

Form of primary accounting documentation No. 100-2/о, instead of F-122-2/о; and F-140/о based on the order of the Ministry of Health No. 651 dated 18.04.2022.

- A preliminary examination is required upon hire;
- Periodic examination is carried out annually 
- Extraordinary examination is carried out at the request of the employer;
The list of professions requiring psychiatric examination, including for the use of psychoactive substances:
- for healthcare workers in healthcare institutions
- employees of educational institutions
- employees of children's health and recreation facilities, including seasonal ones
- employees of baby homes, orphanages
- employees of pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacies
- employees of enterprises that must use ethyl alcohol in the performance of their functional duties, in particular in the production of alcoholic beverages, wines, cosmetics, and dental products
- drivers of vehicles of categories A1, A, B1, B, BE, C1, C, C1E, CE, tractors
- employees engaged in high-risk work:
o work at height, climbing, and work related to climbing to a height, as well as work on maintenance of lifting devices
o work on mechanical equipment (turning, milling, and other machines,
o stamping presses)
o work in the state forest protection, felling, rafting, transportation, and primary processing of forests
- employees who, to perform their professional tasks and duties or activities, must have a permit for the right to purchase, store, carry, transport, and use weapons, including hunting, gas, and traumatic weapons, special personal protective equipment, and active defense, ammunition, explosives and materials
- Employees of fire protection, rescue, mining, gas rescue services, services for the prevention of open gas and oil fountains, emergency medical care, and specialized medical teams
- workers employed at nuclear power and nuclear industry enterprises
- drivers of vehicles of categories D1, D, D1E, DE, T1, T2
- Railway and subway workers
- employees of the floating composition of ships
- aviation personnel subject to medical certification in medical and flight certification commissions of civil aviation institutions
- persons with access to state secrets
- heads and deputy heads of central executive authorities
- persons authorized to perform the functions of the state or local self-government
You must have it with you
- Passport (identity card)
- military ID card
- HGT analysis (liver test results)
- Rapid test for the presence of 10 types of drugs in urine (only in our laboratory)
Laboratory working hours: MON-FRI 08-09:30, SAT 09-10:30

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